On Line Help

We continue to get in touch
with our machine also after the delivery.

No matter whether you calculate distances in kilometres or in miles, Omipa is always close to its machines and to its customers. On Line connection allows our engineers to connect directly to your line supervision system. Most of the problems can be solved this way. In any case, the best On Site assistance is guaranteed in every corner of the world.


The quality of Omipa extrusion lines also means efficient and rapid assistance.

First of all, you will purchase a well-tested, therefore reliable, technology.

In addition, you can be sure you will receive the best and most qualified On Line and On Site assistance.

24 hours a day, our Remote Assistance Service keeps its eyes and ears wide open on all the extrusion lines we install all over the world. In fact, we do not mind how far away you are. Most of the times, with a rapid connection and some data transmission, you will find the problem has been solved, simply and rapidly. The same computerised system allowing you total control of the installation, in fact, allows our staff to carry out cross remote connections with the microprocessor. As if the machines were here in our factory.

After all, the merit lies in how Omipa lines were conceived, designed and built, with the aim of making work easier and more efficient. And the same applies to assistance.

Moreover, whenever necessary, we will offer you the best and most qualified On Site assistance. Our technicians will reach you, wherever you are. And the solution will always be within reach.