Main features of the lines




From 0.15 to 30 mm and more


From 800 to 2500 mm and more


Up to 1800 kg/h


Monolayer, coextruded up to 5 layers


Displays, lighting , graphics, advertising, building construction, safety barriers / protections, interior design and furniture, etc.

Clear sheet & foil

New frontiers in performances

“For more than 50 years we have been designing and manufacturing complete extrusion and coextrusion lines for the production of clear sheet and foil in PC, PMMA, PETG, PET, GPPS, SAN etc.
Now we are a world leader, with more than 200 complete extrusion lines delivered by us all over the world.”


  • constant technological upgrade of all the machine details, thanks to our design and manufacturing capabilities as producers of the entire extrusion line
  • development of an advanced technology for optimization of the extrusion process, resulting in an extremely constant product
  • complete automation of the extrusion line, with consequent reduction in maintenance and processing costs
  • high flexibility of our lines, suitable for producing a wide range of materials and product types
  • energy saving, thanks to the use of new technology components
  • in the field of high optical quality sheet production, we can offer the necessary tools for embossed sheet and corrugated sheet production

Omipa’s high optical quality sheets and foils are unrivalled. Light. Strong and at the same time flexible. Indifferent to sun’s rays, cold and salt. Easy to process.
Ductile to use in terms of colour and thickness. A high thermal insulation capacity and high resistance to UV rays.
Excellent chemical resistance and fireproof capacity. And transparency: with superior light transmission factor.

The application fields for high optical quality sheet and foil are practically infinite.
Particularly advanced are the new applications in the automobile industry and in communications. New frontiers have opened up in the building industry and in the field of architecture, thanks to the characteristics of abrasion and UV ray resistance, where glass cannot be applied.
The capabilities and overall qualities of high optical quality sheet and foil make them irreplaceable in applications requiring high safety standards.


Passing all bounds. Creativity with no limits.

More about Clear sheet & foil

It is a matter of common sense. A good start always increases the chance of success.
Our extrusion system has been designed to achieve the highest output and the smallest waste. For you, this means controlling the process in order to obtain the best quality. For us it is an exercise in rational technology.

The feeding system, the cleanliness of raw materials and dosing are critical to the production of high optical quality sheets. Thanks to years of research focused on this process phase, Omipa can offer you the best technology available.
Extruder feeding is accomplished through a dosing system controlling the loading, mixing and colouring of the raw material, ensuring it is free from any contamination. In order to guarantee the best level of accuracy, we opt for an integrated gravimetric dosing unit with more components.

The extruder incorporates a screw whose special profile, a perfect example of Omipa’s know-how and experience, always ensures homogeneous and constant mixing and plasticization.
The barrel has a special wear-resistant coating and is provided with venting hole with high vacuum suction.
The molten material is filtered through a filter changer with hydraulic control or through a continuous flow filter changer.

The installation of a polymer feed pump group from the OMP series in an exclusive Omipa design, assures total control of material flow, as it maintains constant pressure under every working condition.
Omipa proposes special coextrusion systems to process the various materials (PC, PMMA, PETG, PET).
You can choose among different coextrusion blocks for multi-layer applications. In any case, you can be sure you will always obtain a perfect and homogeneous distribution across the entire sheet surface.

Our range of differently configured dies, of the MSB and PCB series, will enable you to cover the entire production range in all thermoplastic materials.
This is much more than a promise. It is our experience, integrated by the most advanced CAD/CAM design methodologies, that allows us to guarantee the most precise and controlled distribution of internal flows.

All our dies offer top flexibility as regards width, thickness and output, with every material, thereby improving quality and process. The absence of choke bar, for instance, avoids material stagnation and consequent degradation. We have a single objective: the preservation of quality, in every condition.

The calender plays an important role in an extrusion line. It determines the thickness of the sheet and its surface finishing. In high optical quality productions, this is the most delicate phase. We have been working hard on this, by testing and trying out.
We have proven that the smallest details actually have an influence on the final result. And we have taken care of every small detail, by applying the best mechanical and electronic technologies available, and by using the most advanced materials.

Omipa is always synonymous with excellence in calendering technologies.

  • Total control of vibrations and perfect motion transmission
    This objective is achieved by mixing solid construction with the choice of highly precise motors and transmissions. In addition, ST gearboxes with slack taking-up, specially manufactured by Omipa, eliminate any risk of shutter marks. These are designed to eliminate any vibration (possible source of distortion) and to guarantee perfect uniformity of rotation (to reduce tension in the sheet).
  • Powerful but delicate closure of the rolls
    Controlled by high strength oleodynamic unit for perfect and constant positioning.
  • Micro-adjustment of the gap between the rolls, with automatic computerized control
    High optical quality sheet extrusion necessarily requires a calender designed to offer the possibility of varying the position of the outlet roll. Omipa calenders allow you to change the contact arch in a completely automatic and absolutely simple way, with extreme accuracy.
  • Constant temperature control
    The temperature of each roll is controlled through a newly conceived thermoregulation unit. The thermoregulation fluid can be water or oil, as needed.
  • High quality of the rolls
    When it comes to high optical quality, every single detail of the calender rolls is aimed at optimizing efficiency. Internal circuit design with peripheral holes is studied to guarantee a high thermal exchange combined with easy cleaning. The hardness of the roll construction material, as well as its surface finishing, guarantee the best surface properties of the finished product.

Seeing as we have executed and calendered a perfect sheet with so much care, we certainly do not want to ruin it with an inaccurate downstream equipment. Omipa knows well that, for high optical quality productions, these phases are of crucial importance.
Stabilization of the sheet on the roll plane is fundamental to relieve stress once the sheet has left the calender.
The different combinations between longitudinal trimming systems and cross cutting systems offered by Omipa are all geared towards a total respect for the product thereby adding to the utmost final quality, the advantage of eliminating every possible reject due to inaccuracy. With the same attention, Omipa takes care of the stacking phase, which is the definite end of the entire process. Accuracy and speed here play a fundamental role. Here too, Omipa will be at your side, helping you to design the best configuration for your own and your product’s needs.

  1. Roll plane and film coupling unit.
    Roll plane with a high surface finish, incorporating motorised and thermoregulated rolls synchronized with the line, of an appropriate length depending on individual product requirements. After the roll plane, a take-off group with one or more couples of rubber-coated rolls is provided. In this phase, applying a PE film on the upper and lower sheet sides protects the sheet surface.
  2. Longitudinal trimming.
    An automatic and independent circular saw trimming system, with more saws and with rotation speed control. For foil, rotary blade or fixed blade systems are adopted. The unit is equipped with soundproof protections in compliance with the most rigorous safety standards. Complete with scrap winder for PE film, if required.
  3. Cross cutting unit and stacker / winder.
    Depending on the product, we opt for a cross cutting unit, guaranteeing high accuracy and cleanliness of cut combined with flexibility given by variable speed motors, or for a special fast mechanical shear. All the systems are equipped with safety protections. The sheets are stacked by a stacking unit with vacuum suckers in different configurations: unilateral, bilateral, or with central cut for stacking more than one sheet simultaneously. As regards foil, we offer automatic or semi-automatic winders, perfectly integrated with the line.

When you choose Omipa you are sure you will always have the best process qualities: stability, simplicity and customisation.
All Omipa lines are supplied with a supervision system controlled by PLC.
The software, produced internally, is always tailored to individual needs.
The use of a PLC allows you to record and monitor all the line process parameters: speeds, revolutions, temperatures, absorptions, outputs, pressures and alarms.
Designed for the central control of the entire line and of each single equipment, the system guarantees precious advantages as it makes line management more practical and functional.
Each alarm (the system can manage up to 400) can be connected with a control procedure, enabling the operator to solve problems by consulting stored instructions.
Codified recipes can be stored and recalled in real time, whenever necessary, thereby making it possible to modify line parameters easily and quickly, with the possibility of immediately repeating the desired production, without slowing it down in any way.

All the data provided during line operation are, in turn, stored to create an overall historical record of all the production parameters, such as:

  • graphs of pressures, motor speeds, line output trends
  • automatic starts
  • line values
  • alarms (date, time etc.)
  • product management, stacking systems etc.

In addition, the software will allow you to manage:

  • automatic start-ups
  • pre-heating by means of a timer
  • line maintenance program.

Although this is a complex system, it was studied to offer the operator extreme simplicity of use. The entire line management is concentrated in a single work station, and a graphic display of all the functions allows direct action at every point of the line from a single control site.
The system can be interfaced with the main corporate data management software, for global and integrated control of production (orders, purchasing, stocks).
The digital control system is the “mind” of every Omipa extrusion line.
For the operator, everything becomes easier, safer and more manageable. For the company, practical advantages result in better overall control of production with a consequent higher profitability of the line.