Benvenuti sul sito Omipa: linee di estrusione per lastra, foglia,film e profili cavi.

Welcome to Omipa site: extrusion lines for plastic sheet, foil, film and hollow profiles.

Bienvenus sur le site Omipa: lignes d'extrusion pour plaque en plastique, feuilles, film et profils creux.

Willkommen auf der Seite von Omipa: Kunststoff- Extrusionslinien fЈЙr Platten, Folien, Filmen und Hohlkammerplatten.

ЇЅЇрЇвЇтЇр ЇсЇрЇиЇбЇнЇрЇгЇбЇфЇю ЇпЇб ЇуЇбЇлЇф Omipa: ЇяЇмЇуЇфЇтЇхЇйЇкЇрЇпЇпЇэЇж ЇнЇкЇпЇкЇк ЇеЇнЇё ЇсЇнЇбЇуЇфЇкЇмЇрЇгЇэЇч ЇнЇкЇуЇфЇрЇг, ЇсЇнЇжЇпЇмЇк Їк ЇуЇрЇфЇрЇгЇэЇл ЇсЇтЇрЇцЇкЇнЇжЇл.

Extrusion lines HOLLOW PROFILE PC

More than 40 years ago we were the first to develop an extrusion line for the extrusion of PC hollow profiles.

Extrusion lines HOLLOW PROFILE PP

We are a world leader, with more than 200 complete extrusion lines delivered by us all over the world.

Extrusion lines CLEAR SHEET & FOIL

We realise a constant technological upgrade of all the machine details, resulting in an extremely constant product.

Extrusion lines GENERAL PURPOSE

From more than 50 years we produce complete extrusion and coextrusion lines for technical general purpose.


+140 employees

Over 140 employees, including skilled operators,
mechanical, electrical and software engineers
of long experience and professional competence.

Factory +10.000 sqm



Omipa international market
exportations have reached
99 % of the total sales.


Omipa is present
in over 50 countries
in the world.


During its 50-year activity Omipa has
delivered more than 400 complete
extrusion lines all over the world.



The entire design and production process and activities are performed inside the company: this factor is the basis of our know-how



Omipa avails itself of high quality and certified raw materials and choses only the best components


Quality for us is not just a simple word: it means excellent raw material and components, most advanced technology, high performances and a close partnership with our customer.

All Omipa machines are in conformity with Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and the electrical equipment is manufactured in conformity with “Directive for electromagnetic compatibility CEM 2014/30/CE and Directive for low tension 2014/35/CE”

Omipa has recently adopted a Model of Organisation, Management and Control with a Code of Ethics and disciplinary system, and implemented the System of Management of Health and Safety at Workplace.


1987 Proceedings and electrical circuit for control of surge or melt bank phenomenon in device.
1988 Extrusion auto-die for plastic material
2000 Calibration device per extruded sections “air cushion”
2009 Thermic Solar Panel in extruded thermoplastic material