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  • OMIPA’s customers know that we are prepared to accept their most courageous challenges, that become also our challenges, and that we are always prepared to invest resources and energies in the achievement of client’s objectives. On our side, OMIPA has always proposed great innovations and inventions, some of which are patented.
  • In many fields of extrusion production, customer wants to diversify its products, by creating new products to enter new markets; for this reason, building up a partnership with our customers and placing all our experience and expertise at their disposal are fundamental for achieving their objectives.
  • All the efforts are always concentrated on anticipating progress, by proposing innovative solutions and constant improvements tailored to individual clients’ requirements, that enable OMIPA to keep unchanged its international leadership in the world of customised solutions for plastics extrusion.




Quality of materials and components, design and manufacturing entirely realized inside the company and an incessant challenge towards more and more ambitious objectives, in cooperation with the customers: this has enabled Omipa to become a world leader and to be always at the forefront of technology and innovation